When You Were King

by Diyet

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Did you ever wonder about the North? Who lives there? Who would want to? Well, Diyet does and she writes songs about it too. Yes, it's cold in the winter and the northern lights are more beautiful than the pictures. The sun in the summer never goes to sleep and neither do the people. Speaking of the people they are colourful and funny (some call it crazy) but they will give you the shirt off their back if you need it. The North is all of what you may have heard, but it can also be majestic yet stark, raw yet tender, dangerous yet protective. It gets into your bones and never leaves.


released July 15, 2013

Diyet: Vocals, Rhodes on #4, Piano on #10
Robert van Lieshout: Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Bob Hamilton: Electric Guitars, Bass, Mandoline, Weisenborn, Pedal Steel, Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Patrick Hamilton: Percussion on #2, #3, #7, Piano on #9
Annie Avery: Piano on #3

Produced by Bob Hamilton
Recorded at Old Crow Recording Studios



all rights reserved


Diyet Yukon

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Track Name: White Flag
We’ve been up and down the same words
Circled round and round the same sad story
Tried to fix this from the inside
In the end it’s me standing by myself

The beginning was pure sentiment
I admit it now, I didn’t know what that meant
You were everything I adored
Little by little my shadow grew into yours

I want to scream out loud
Slip beneath the cracks in the floor
Scream out loud
You can’t have love when love is made of war

Battle lines are drawn on a ragged map
What’s mine is mine and yours stays out of reach
Treading cautiously on broken glass
Careful not to tip the scales of peace

We live side by side in a gated house
The first to leave is the first to admit defeat
Never thought it be like this
We are posers and we are raging

Hold up the white flag
Hold up the white flag
Track Name: When You Were King
You work hard but it doesn’t get easier
At the end of the day you got nothing but a wall
You lean against it hoping it will fall

Wake up from your slumber sleeping beast
It’s time to breathe again. It’s time to see again

You were born to be the greatest of all
But you have a gentle soul
You don’t push back when your down
Your so quiet. Don’t be silent. Make a loud sound

Wake up from your slumber sleeping beast
It’s time to breathe again. It’s time to see again
It’s time to roar like you did when you were king
Track Name: Like A Drum
When the night never seems to bring morning
to your house to you street or to your town
When all lost things cannot be found
don’t let it bring you down
Working people keep on working
Poor man stays poor
One hand on the bottle 
A thousand thoughts of his life before.
I say “O my heart beats like a drum for you”

We move through the days with our heads down
We bite our tongues to keep from speaking out
Marching one behind the other
It’s the truth we begin to doubt
Black sheep stands in the corner
Will no one stand up and shout
for the boy being pushed in the school yard
for the beggar we know nothing about
I say “O my heart beats like a drum for you”

There’s a war going on out there
It breaks you down
It breaks apart
It drives you mad
Gonna take what we can while we can
It’s so sad when thirty million people
are forced from all they’ve ever known
Pushed to the outside of normal
without food without clothes or a home
I say “O my heart beats like a drum for you”
Track Name: 8th Wonder
They said it was right
It was wrong to stay
So they boarded the bus and it carried them away
How I wish to see your face, but you stay away in your hiding place
For so long

Who could have known
You’d never be the same
But look at you now
Look back on where you came
You’re the shining light at the end of the day

Heart aching, it’s heart breaking
A child on his own only dreams of home
Heart aching, it’s heart breaking
No more lost children on their own

Everybody knew, but no one said a word
Just bottled it up and held it close to the hurt
I wonder how you made it through so far away from all you knew
But you did and you go on

I didn’t want to ask, too afraid to hear the truth
Knowing all your pain
What would that prove
To me you’ll always be the 8th Wonder
Track Name: What I Want
We’re still young and kicking
We’re not dead we can think for ourselves
They keep repeating the lies, but that don’t make it right
I know what I see and I know

What I want – Is 7 billion people
What I want – smiling because there’s no need to cry
What I want – Is an end to all the violence
Spread a little love tonight
That’s what I want

The kids may seem indifferent
But make no mistake they are listening
The needle’s on red and the lid’s about to blow
I know what I see and I know

What I want – Is 7 billion people
What I want – smiling because there’s no need to cry
What I want – Is an end to all the violence
Spread a little love tonight
That’s what I want

All the money, all the power
Won’t buy a happy life
All the weapons in the world
Won’t keep you safe at night
When there’s nothing left to take
When there’s nothing left at stake
Will it be enough?
Track Name: Gold Miner
It’s cold outside. It’s colder than it’s been in years
Perhaps because he knows this is the last
He can’t remember her face or the way she made him laugh
He can’t recall the colour of her hair
The end is not a parade of memories
No flags with faces waving in the wind
There are no balloons floating into the atmosphere
All he wants stays buried in the dirt

Gold miner you’ll never find her
She’s been gone since the day you set sail
She standing there waving, silently praying
It would turn out just like you said
But it never did

He stays in bed a little longer than he ever did
For once he doesn’t hurry to the pit
It’s a while before he has his coat in hand
Takes a look around and shuts the door
It’s a hard man that can last to the bitter end
It takes courage to forget the things he loves
He spent his youth digging through the muck and dirt
He knows it’s too late for regrets
Track Name: Angry People
I would let you in if you were nice, but you’re not
We started out friends until you didn’t get what you wanted
You say cruel things and you laugh like it’s nothing at all
It sounds like you don’t intend the things you say but they’re well thought out

Angry people keep trying to bring me down
Angry people can’t keep me on the ground

All the comments you drop like bombs are getting old
If having the last word is what you want then say so
Maybe if you get it all out you won’t be such a jerk
You’re like a ticking clock all wound up and someone always gets hurt

Do something nice, say something new
Haven’t you noticed they keep walking past you
Track Name: Fearless Heart
This land’s an ever changing mass of rock and tree, water and dirt
I’ve been gone so long seems my old home’s been swallowed by the earth
The damp and cold have taken hold
Forgotten toys become iron and rust
It was so many years ago
Memories slowly turn to dust

Never thought I’d find my way back to this place
I’ve come back to find you and tell you everything’s gonna be okay
Somehow we drifted apart but you knew one day I’d come back for you
little fearless heart

Moss grows green round the table’s edge
Wrapping itself round crumbling legs
They were pillars of a life
Yesterdays I’d never changes
In this crumbling shelter left as it is
Is part of a story not finished yet
It’s lines are carved in the wood
So deep you won’t forget

Do you feel it?
The south wind blows our way
The cold days are going to melt away
Track Name: Hollow Thing
Hands graze over the tall grass
Bent over by the autumn gusts
It snaps with the sting of the coming bitter winds
The last of the light falls behind snowy peaks
The hues in the sky blaze bright and then die
But I can’t see the beauty
What to push it far from me
I can’t feel the warmth
I want cold in my bones

Hollow thing

Everyone says it gets better
You’ll be stronger and more the wise
A trip to the bottom happens to us all
All I need is a push to get me through the wall
But I’ll bide my time this winter
In the quiet and the cold
And I’ll keep silent my wonder
And I’ll bury it in the snow

Summer took my happiness
She wrapped it in her wings
She laughed then stole away
and left this hollow thing
It’s too hard to loose in summer
the pain burns into the skin
So I’ll hold it to the bitter end
Till she comes again
Track Name: Doubt
It begins with a thought just a little shadow
and grows into a seed that aches to be fed
So you give it a little so as not to feel guilty
and it gives you some comfort and then comes the worry
You question the thought, you question the reason
You wish you could go back and this time you’d see it
For the thing that it is
Insignificant and shallow
Waiting for you to make it more than a shadow

You don’t want to admit it but it feels like a blanket
and though it’s not warm you pull it over your head
With all of your might you try to forget that it was you
who created this dark little pet
You didn’t have to force it
You let it have its way and ever so quietly it took up all the space
The small little thought that cannot be controlled
When set into motion grows ever bold

Why do you have to doubt?
It’ll turn out fine
Why do you say it’s going to fall apart
before you get the chance to start
Why do you have to doubt?